Best Campervan Rentals For A USA Road Trip

Best Campervan Rentals For A USA Road Trip

If you're looking for campervan rentals for a USA road trip we have you covered! We've put together the ultimate guide to the best campervan rental companies for your American road trip. Whether you’re looking to rent a modern Sprinter van conversion, cool vintage Volkswagen or cute mini-van, you can find a van to suit your style and budget.


Whether you’re organizing an epic cross-country adventure or just looking to get away for a few days, campervans are now becoming the vehicle of choice to explore with!


Why Choose A Campervan For Travel?

Choosing a campervan to travel with offers freedom and flexibility allowing you to explore off the beaten path destinations and stay overnight in area’s that may not have hotels or even campgrounds. It will also save you a ton of money because its like renting a car and booking a hotel room in one neat package. And since most vans come with a fridge and cooking equipment, you will save on eating out too.

Sure, you could just rent a car and camp to save money, but campervans are so much more comfortable to sleep in and it will save you plenty of time by not having to set up and pack down camp every night.


Why Should You Choose A Campervan Over an RV?

Campervans are much less intimidating to drive and less costly in gas then renting an RV. Vans are easy to park and will fit into regular car parking spots which means you can feel free to visit and explore any city you like.

Campervans are a life changing way to travel. Especially in a large country such as the USA. With so many wide open spaces, miles of coastline and stunning national parks, vans give you the freedom to be spontaneous in the way you travel while still offering all the comforts of a home base.

You can choose almost anywhere to overnight park and sleep or stop and cook up a meal whenever you feel like it. Home is literally where you park it!

What is Vanlife?

For those of you new to vanlife, it is basically a combination of road-tripping, camping and embracing a carefree lifestyle. If vanlife is something your interested in trying before you fully commit, you can always start by renting a van first to see if it’s something you’d like to pursue further.

Fortunately with the growing popularity of vanlife, there are a number of van rental companies that are popping up due to market demand and there are currently lots of options for campervan rentals. Whether you’re looking to rent a modern Sprinter van conversion, cool vintage Volkswagen or cute mini-van, you can find a van to suit your style, budget and location.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to campervan rental companies in the USA. Below is a list of the top nine campervan rental companies to take on your epic road trip and try vanlife on for size.


Best Campervan Rental Companies For An Epic U.S. Road Trip



Outdoorsy is an online campervan and RV rental platform that works the same way as Airbnb. The website basically connects those who are wanting to rent a campervan or RV with campervan and RV owners. You can find all sorts of listings from modern Sprinter vans to vintage VW’s, and all sizes of motor homes. The website is free to join and there are no membership fee’s of any kind.

The benefits of using Outdoorsy is that you can find rentals across the entire United States; this means you can fly into any city, pick up your rental and begin your adventure! All rentals are covered by industry leading protection packages provided by Liberty Mutual.

All you need to do is jump on the Outdoorsy website, type in your pick up location and booking dates and it will bring up a list of available recreational vehicles. You can filter your search by vehicle type, price and amenities offered. If you have your own RV that you rarely use, you can list yours too and make a little extra side cash.

Best Campervan Rental Companies USA

Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans are very well-known and the most popular of the campervan rental companies in the USA. These vans stand out in particular because of their unique and individually hand-painted designs that are sure to make for some pretty cool road trip photo’s. However, standing out in the crowd is not always a good thing especially if you’re trying to stealth camp so just be sure to think about whether you will be solely staying in campgrounds or wanting to stray off the beaten path a little.

They offer four different models of Ford vans that can sleep between two to five people. Each van comes fully equipped with a bed, kitchen with sink, stove, and refrigerator. You can grab kitchen supplies, bedding, and other extra’s for additional fee’s.

One of the best things about renting with Escape is that they have pick up locations all over the states including Eastern United States (New York, Atlanta, Miami) and in Canada (Vancouver and Calgary). Their rental rates are actually quite reasonable and they offer one-way rentals so you can easily carry out that epic cross-country road trip. Just pick up your camper, stock up the refrigerator, and hit the road!

Best van rental companies in the USA
Best campervan rental companies in America


VanCraft is a campervan rental company based out of San Diego. They specialize in luxury Sprinter campervans and come with all the essentials plus more. This is the perfect rental company to go with if you plan on going off grid as all of their vans come with huge off-grid solar systems, charging ports for all your devices and outdoor hot water shower. On top of that, the vans come with economical diesel drive trains getting around 20 mpg and as a bonus, they include free unlimited miles with each rental!

They offer two campervan options; a long-wheel base van that seats six people and can sleep between 2-6 persons, and a short-wheel base van that can seat four people and sleep between 2-4 persons.

Every van comes with a full kitchen (fridge, stove, oven and sink), butcher block counter tops, passenger swivel seat, full-size Temperpedic mattress, cargo storage that can accommodate surfboards, ski’s or fishing poles, and loads of space.

Best Campervan Rental Companies in the USA

Jucy Vans

Jucy Van Rentals have been around for many years already offering their alternative and fun way of traveling with their beginnings in Australia and New Zealand.

What makes Jucy different from other campervan rental companies is that they specialize in mini-vans. This can be advantageous in a sense because you will save a ton in gas and be able to manouvere your tiny home on wheel with ease if you plan to visit big cities like Los Angeles, Seattle or NYC. The downside of course is that you will be lacking in space.

These brightly colored green and purple mini-vans come with a TV/DVD player, (very) small kitchen, mini-fridge, gas cooker and sink. The vehicles can seat five people and sleep up to four people (if you get the rooftop tent option).

Best Campervan Rental Companies USA
Best Campervan Rental Companies USA

Hawaii Surf Campers

Hawaii Surf Campers is your solution to campervan rentals on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. They have a small fleet but a variety of vans to choose from.

Whether you’re into modern or old school campervans, they have you covered offering vintage 70’s volkswagons to new Ford Econolines. An additional perk of renting with Hawaii Surf Campers is that they partner with a local Surf School and can offer you discounted surf lessons or surfboard hire. Airport pick up and drop offs are available for an additional fee.

Van Rental Companies in the USA

PeaceVans Rentals

PeaceVans are the perfect choice for you if your travel plans involve exploring the Pacific Northwest. They specialize in renting out Vanagons but recently adopted a small fleet of modern Sprinter vans too.

The company pride themselves in treating their customers like family and offer perks such as secret camping spot info, detailed itineraries, and discounts along popular destination routes. They have a full service shop and can offer you coloring books for the kids and travel guide books for adults, along with quality espresso before you hit the road.

All rentals come with kitchen utensils, french-press coffee maker, trash bags, camping table and chairs, headlamps, first-aid kit and loads more. See all of the inclusions in the video below. They have a convenient location in Downtown Seattle which is easy to get to from SEATAC airport or by bus from Portland.

Best Campervan Rental Companies USA

Native Campervans

Native Campervans are a van rental company based out of Denver, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. They have three different adventure van options; The Biggie which is a V6 Ram ProMaster with a 136” high roof, solar panels and gets between 13-18 mpg (seats 3), The Small which is a V4 Ram ProMaster City model and gets between 21-28 mpg (seats 2), or the OG which is a V6 Dodge Grand Caravan which gets 17-25 mpg (seats 4).

The Biggie is the most popular option for those wanting to try vanlife. It comes with a queen memory foam mattress, seven gallon water tank and tons of space! You can rent the vans long or short term.

native campervans.jpeg
native campervans 2.jpeg

Rocky Mountain Campervans

Rocky Mountain Campervans come fully equipped and ready for adventure! Take your next road trip in a classic Volkswagen van or a luxury Dodge Promaster.

All of their vans come equipped with the basics such as first-aid kit, assortment of cookware, sheets, pillows, blankets, camping chairs and a few extra items. You can find their offices in Denver or Las Vegas.

Best Campervan Rental Companies USA

Wicked Campervans

Wicked Campers are an extremely popular campervan rental company in Australia and have recently brought their business to the USA and Canada. They offer a range of cheap campers that come with a bed, kitchen and unique paint job.

All rentals include an allowance of 100 miles (160 km) per day. Their pick up locations are limited though to Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

Campervan Rentals in the USA for a Road Trip

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