Where Was Post Malone's Saint Tropez Music Video Filmed?

Where Was Post Malone's Saint Tropez Music Video Filmed?

In case you’ve been wondering where Post Malone filmed the new music video to his recent hit Saint Tropez, we had been wondering ourselves too! The music clip features Posty looking very debonair showing off his collection of luxury sports cars and a number of scenic shots taken at a stunning looking location in the mountains.


If you haven’t seen the Saint Tropez music video which is the latest track from the ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ album, it features Post Malone looking very debonair in a three-piece suit and rocking a Louis Vuitton utility vest.

The film clip also features the rapper’s collection of luxury cars including his Bugatti, Lamborghini and McClaren.


“This shit bliss, I’m so rich” - Post sings on Saint Tropez


Chris Villa, the music video’s director stated that during the time of filming the Saint Tropez music clip, Post Malone had just bought his Bugatti and he instantly thought to himself that it should somehow be featured in the music video. He said "At this same time, he just bought a Bugatti, so instantly I thought, 'Yup, we’re bringing all his cars out.'

The visuals include aerial footage of a fleet of white sports cars convoying up an impressive looking canyon on a scenic stretch of road through the mountains.

Here is the Saint Tropez Video Clip (incase you haven’t seen it).


Where Was the Saint Tropez Music Video Filmed?

The majority of the Saint Tropez music video was filmed in the French Riviera. The music clip appears to have been shot at the same location Post Malone conducted his recent interview with Zane Lowe to promote the new ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ album. This interview was held at a regal looking castle in Provence. This is where we see Post in fancy suits sipping on rose.

Post Malone - Saint Tropez

However, the scenic drive that features Post Malone driving his Bugatti Chirron in a convoy of other luxury cars through a stunning rocky canyon was actually filmed right here in the United States!

The gorgeous canyon that we see in some of the aerial shot’s and from a camera in font of the rapper’s vehicle during the driving scene was shot in the state of Utah at a place called Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Post Malone - Saint Tropez
Where Was Post Malone's Saint Tropez Music Video Filmed?
Where Was Post Malone's Saint Tropez Music Video Filmed?

The beautiful scenery depicted in the Saint Tropez music video has a lot of fans on Twitter saying they now want to move to Utah!



Big Cottonwood Canyon is located 12 miles south-east of Salt Lake City in Utah. To reach Big Cottonwood Canyon from Salt Lake City, take I-215 to the 6200 South "Canyons" exit and then continue east on U-152 following signs to Solitude and Brighton.

Big Cottonwood Canyon is accessed by The Big Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Byway (SR-190) which runs from Cottonwood Heights to Gaurdsman Pass at the top of the canyon. Motorist’s can reach Park City from this road during the summer months.

This 15 mile-long scenic byway travels through the Uintah-Wasatch-Cache National Forest via a rocky canyon which offers dramatic alpine scenery. The drive provides access to outstanding hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and fishing area’s. Big Cottonwood Canyon is also home to two world class ski resorts, Solitude and Brighton of which both have year round facilties.



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